fine authentic music instruments


After Nicolo Amati 1658
Sweet but strong sound!!

After Guarneri del gesu 1742.


After A.Stradivarius 1715 IL Cremonese Baroque violin

  Copy of Andrea Amati 1564 Baroque Violin

Copy of Stradivari 1715 "Titaan" classical violin

Copy of Jacob Stainer 1679 Baroque violin

Copy of Andrea Amati Baqorue Viola


I make a fine instruments after Stradivari, Guarnieri, Stainer, Amati, and many others ...

For me the original sound is most important and this is the main reason I try to keep in original condition.

Imagination: "What is the sound of the original instruments of the master?" And things are also important in the context of authentication and periods when the instrument was made.

In the Baroque Jacob Stainer's sweet and meditative sounds were most popular for musicians.

 AMATI family made for the French court, are compact but bright sound.

 In the classical period, should Violin more powerful tools for large orchestra.

Stradivarius was one of the most important in classical times Viotti, Kreutzer were well aware violist playing on Stradivarius violin.
His instruments are very sweet, clear sound and elegant.

Guarnieri was Paganini's favorite instrument, and now days most famous musicians are rather dark and powerful sound.









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